Company Anniversaries

The other day I got a postcard from P.C. Richard & Son about their President's Day sale and was about to toss it into the garbage when something on the card caught my eye.  It was the logo ..

Persistence: The Only Key You Need

A large portion of my time is spent with my sales team.  Interviewing, training, coaching, commiserating and celebrating (lather-rinse-repeat)… When interviewing candidates, the one-and-only ingredient that I look for is persistence. Confidence, enthusiasm, smooth-talking and dressing sharply are all attributes for ..

How it all started…

I know, I know.   It's been 4 months (and 4,000 restart attempts) since my last blog.  This is not easy, so please cut me some slack... I think back to how it all started.  Despite having the most professional ..
Why do Billionaires still work?

Why do Billionaires still work?

My friend tells me he would be happy with $10 million. Another sets his limit at $10 billion. All of us have calculated a number that would enable us to quit the daily grind. We dream of ..

Playing The System

I held off writing this email for many weeks now. I dread sounding like a condescending, finger-wagging, fear monger. But when I witness the aggravation and damage that business owners bring upon themselves day-in-day-out, I feel that I ..
Typing or Pecking?

Typing or Pecking?

Many moons ago I walked into my first job interview and seated myself across the CEO of the company.  This is how the interview went:   CEO: Do you know how to type?   Me: No.  (I grew up ..