Making the jump ONLINE  

Note: We understand this is not a time for self-promotion of any kind. We are hosting this fireside chat in order to help our friends and clients who are faced with the challenge of either ..

Robot Fraud

Some blogs are fun to write, some are painful, others are just plain upsetting. The topic today is about "carding".  Fraudsters purchase buckets of tens of thousands of stolen credit cards on the dark web.  They then ..

Learning to stick it out!

Some people start out at the "bottom of the ladder". I started out one hundred miles away from the ladder! I was broke and desperate for a few dollars so I took the first job that came my ..

Company Anniversaries

The other day I got a postcard from P.C. Richard & Son about their President's Day sale and was about to toss it into the garbage when something on the card caught my eye.  It was the logo ..

Persistence: The Only Key You Need

A large portion of my time is spent with my sales team.  Interviewing, training, coaching, commiserating and celebrating (lather-rinse-repeat)… When interviewing candidates, the one-and-only ingredient that I look for is persistence. Confidence, enthusiasm, smooth-talking and dressing sharply are all attributes for ..

How it all started…

I know, I know.   It's been 4 months (and 4,000 restart attempts) since my last blog.  This is not easy, so please cut me some slack... I think back to how it all started.  Despite having the most professional ..